35.2 Summer/Fall 2023

The 2022 Barthelme Prize for Short Prose

The 2022 Gulf Coast Prize in Translation

The 2022 Toni Beauchamp Prize in Critical Art Writing


  • “Y Môr” by Jemma Leech

  • “Anachron” by Xavier Blackwell-Lipkind
  • “Metamorphosis” by Jake Maynard
  • “Three is a Sacred Number” by Ark Ramsay
  • “The Fortunes of Others” by Jai Chakrabarti
  • “The Patient” by Phoebe Oathout


  • “The Garden Erotic” by Elisabeth Plumlee-Watson
  • from “In and Out of Place” by Gabrielle Civil
  • “The House Fire by the Lake” by Davon Loeb
  • “Hello? Ma?” by Eugenio Volpe


  • “Exhibit: Miracle on the Hudson”, “I Feel Rain for the First Time”, “a poem in which you’ve never been handcuffed” by Jo Blair Cipriano
  • “Mexika Hi Fem (Coatlicue Come)”, “Joteria [All the things you forgot to say]” by Vickie Vértiz
  • “pummel me” by Alex Baskin
  • “Hunger” by Jane Morton
  • “Streichholzschächtelchen” by Greg Nicholl
  • “All of It Just Means Child” by E. Hughes
  • “Corpus Christi”, “League as Measurement of Distance” by Hannah Smith
  • “The Last Anchoress” by Patrycja Humienik  
  • “saleeb” by Antony Fangary
  • “Incantation for the Drowned” by Hussain Ahmed
  • “Book of Hours” by Rebekah Remington
  • “For the Woman Dancing at El Tequila” by Halee Kirkwood
  • “Eating Honey from a Canopic Jar” by Andrew Hemmert  
  • “Carolina Creek Confessional” by Chelsea Christine Hill    
  • “lit” by Jordan Boyd
  • “Day Studio, Night Studio” by Donald Platt
  • “Root Words” by Forester McClatchey
  • “Perception, River, Mud (March Diary)” by Yongyu Chen
  • “Vanishing Point” by Kathryne David Gargano
  • “Los Aztec Airport” by Diana Marie Delgado
  • “after my grandmother died, I bathed my body like I had just”, “suppose my mother hadn’t loved me”, “my lover holds me” by Sarah Taban
  • “The Last Emperor (from Postcards to Jingyi)”, “Andante ma non Tanto” by Chengru He
  • “Score V // Cast Off Bà Ngo?i”, “[“This Door We Both Entered”]” by Sophia Terazawa
  • “of Spring” by Laura Wang
  • “Ars Poetica”, “Bildungsroman” by Jada Renée Allen
  • “Opening & Closing” by Audrey King
  • “How I Teach My Daughter Heaven” by Sara Moore Wagner
  • “Until You Say When”, “Nodus Tollens with Child” by Meg Day
  • “Parenting in the Pre-Apocalypse”, “Meditation on the Moral of the Story” by J. Estanislao Lopez
  • “Expert Advice for Your Human Cannonball Apprenticeship” by Ross White
  • “Death Styles 1.6.21Moms of the Underworld”, “CONCLUSIVE DEATH STYLE” by Joyelle McSweeney
  • “Yesterday” by Alice Duggan
  • “(Peri)menopause May Cause Cognitive Difficulties” by Amanda Gunn

Creative and Critical Art Writing

  • “Queer Imagination 101” by Ángel Faz
  • “Mami Wata Afrofuturism (500 Years Back to the [Afro] future” by Christopher Blay

Featured Art

  • “Queer Imagination 101” by Various Artists
  • “Mami Wata Afrofuturism” by Various Artists

Reviews and Interviews

  • “A Review of Panics and Which As You Know Means Violence” by Cameron Steele
  • “Beginning after the End: Allegra Hyde On Craft, Catastrophe and Collectivism” by Madeleine Gaudin
  • “On Muscle Memory: Muriel Leung and Jenny Liou in conversation” by Muriel Leung