35.1 Winter/Spring 2023

2022 Gulf Coast Prize in Poetry

2022 Gulf Coast Prize in Nonfiction

  • "Revolutionary Acts" by May-lee Chai

2022 Gulf Coast Prize in Fiction

  • "Roy" by Emma Binder

Altered Space: A Poetry Curation Edited by francine j. harris

  • An Introduction by francine j. harris
  • "Opening", "Unsound Health" by Michelle Whittaker
  • "Destin(ed)ation", "from the the beauties: third dimension: LULA BELL, FANNIE MAE, SARAHby Evie Shockley
  • "No One Knows It", "And the Evening. And the Mourning" by Lauren Russel 
  • "Self Care", "Winter" by Dawn Lundy Martin
  • "lighthouse keeper's palindrome", "Sleep Deprived in the Waiting Room" by Kwoya Fagin Maples
  • "Shame, My Wife & Murderer", "When We See Us" by Nabila Lovelace
  • "This is a room where nothing can happen", "What I Would Hold" by Donika Kelly
  • "Henry Box Brown and Things to Fit In Small Boxes", "If You Should Wake" by Janice N. Harrington
  • "upitsi", "kapoi" by Alexis Pauline Gumbs
  •  "nail hard" by Samiya Bashir
  • "Lyric Sung in Third Person" by Niki Herd
  • "La Galleria Internazionale D’Arte Moderna— The International Gallery of Art" by Shayla Lawson 


  • "Anecdote of the Jar" by Drew Calvert
  • "What to Save in a Fire" by Kathy Chao
  • "Honey: A Preface" by Travis Eisenbise
  • "What Stays and What Goes" by Sam Marshall
  • "Sophie Martineau on Bass" by Susan Sanford Blades


  • "We Bury What We Cannot Bear to Lose" by Jennifer S. Cheng
  • "Domus" by Lena Crown
  • "Run, Zebra" by Julie Gray
  • "Vegetumble" by Amy Leach
  • "[late at night, right before sleep, I worry about the knife]" by Katie Jean Shinkle
  • "Bones" by Matthew Vollmer


  • "Goodbye! Goodbye!" by Zoë Bodzas
  • "Ecclesiastes: Deciduous" by Marissa Davis
  • "Psalm of Want" by Ruth Dickey
  • "human fields" by Nathaniel Dolton-Thornton
  • "Dream Without a Proper License" by Patrick Dundon
  • "Migration of Stars" (Translated from the French by Kareem James Abu-Zeid) by Olivia Elias
  • "Ode to Cassava Root" by Aída Esmeralda
  • "Land of Can't-Get-Far" by Sara Fetherolf
  • "Heatsick" by Katie Garcia
  • "The Perfect Shirt of America" by Julie Gibbs
  • "Quiet Night Thoughts" (Translated from the Chinese by James Shea and Dorothy Tse) by Yam Gong
  • "Bass", "Piano" (Translated from the Spanish by Nancy Naomi Carlson and Esperanza Hope Snyder) by Wendy Guerra
  • "Waste Streams" by Janice N. Harrington
  • "self portrait not as marble ready to be shaped" by Paula Harris
  • "Pygmalion Iteration" by Kelly Hoffer
  • "The Complex Dependencies of Supply Chain" by Jenny Irish
  • "How to Eat a Pepper" by Gary Jackson
  • "Stomach Aches I Have Known and Loved" by Wayne Koestenbaum
  • "When I Think About the First Time I Was Almost Reared on a Horse" by Jessica Lee
  • "Biography of the Forest", "&[Gife]" by M.L. Martin
  • "Self-Portrait as Landscape with Biofeedback and a Bloodmoon" by Michael Mlekoday
  • "Charon's Song" by Ata Moharreri
  • "Committee on Silence" by Trey Moody
  • "All My Holes Except the One in My Heart" by Suzanne Richardson
  • "Four Snakes Makes Our Flag", "Four Snakes Makes Our Flag" by C.T. Salazar
  • "Adoption File 1987" by Bo Schwabacher
  • "Basic Wisdoms", "Noises Are in the Air" (Translated from the Slovenian by Matthew Rohrher and Ana Pepelnik) by Tone Škrajnec
  • "Human" (Translated from the Slovenian by Brian Henry) by Aleš Šteger
  • "Sheboygan Area Theatre Company" by Jessica Tanck
  • "Unsettled Parts of My Body" by Jieyan Wang

Creative and Critical Art Writing

  • "WAKE: Past and Present" by Kayla Massey
  • "Inés Verdugo: The House Disappears" by Laura August

Featured Art

  • Featured Works by Lanecia Rouse Tinsley
  • Featured Works by Inés Verdugo

Reviews and Interviews

  • "On Being and Seeing: An Interview with Lanecia Rouse Tinsley" by Anthony Pinn
  • "Josh T Franco Interviews Raquel Gutiérrez" by Josh T Franco
  • "Living it Out: Ingrid Rojas Contreras on Writing The Man Who Could Move Clouds" by Mimi Wong