32.1 Winter/Spring 2020

2018 Gulf Coast Prize


  • A Secure Form of Living by Mahak Jain
  • A Brief Update on Language at the End of the Anthropocene by Debbie Urbanski
  • 3 Stories by Lydia Davis:
Not Yet Ring Lardner
The Joke
The Other She
  • The Matchmaker by Jianan Qian
  • Ex by Beth Steidle
  • 4 Stories by Ryunosuke Akutagawa (Transl. by Ryan C.K. Choi)
A Case of Two Fakes
Kanzan and Jittoku
Selected Notes from Kugenuma
Spring Nights


  • Bulking by Elissa Washuta
  • Returned to God by Burke Butler
  • The Misadventures of Ba Gyi U Taung by Thirii Myo Kyaw Myint
  • The Motherer / The Mothered by Jillian Polaski
  • Tarp Town by Micah Fields
  • The Cabin in the Woods by Erica Berry
  • Erection Before a Burial by Daniel Peña


  • After Marriage by Robin Reagler
  • 2 Poems by Kazim Ali:
The Fifth Planet
  • 2 Poems by Max Seifert:
Mental Health Day
Even the Flowers
  • 2 Poems by Courtney Queeney:
The Other Woman
Another White Night
  • Self-Portrait with Praying Mantis and Rain by Chloe Honum
  • 2 Poems by Ana Portnoy Brimmer:
Late in the Evening
A hurricane has come and gone. What do we tell our children now?
  • Hide-and-Seek by Gemma Gorga (Transl. by Sharon Dolin)
  • Fury Water Adventures by Preeti Vangani
  • 2 Poems by Essy Stone:
the tears of the world are a constant quantity
Fremont Hospital
King Midas
No Appreciation for the Work of the Hand
  • Lying is Getting by Natalie Shapero
  • 2 Poems by Mark Levine:
Delight in Disorder
His Poetrie His Pillar
  • real estate will eventually devastate you by Min Kang
  • from To Feel Things and Their Names by Toby Altman
  • Presswife by Lindsay Lusby
  • Portrait of Jealousy as a James Bond Villain by Julie Marie Wade
  • Section 14 by Carlina Duan
  • Secretive by Lisa Lewis
  • Parable by Jim Whiteside
  • 2 Poems by Brett Hanley:
Another Succulent tattoo at Some Two-Star parlor in Montrose
When I'm Seven
  • Louisiana by Michael Dhyne
  • Infibulation Study by Safia Elhillo
  • Dorothy Santos: 12 Short Films by Sarah Gambito
  • Early Mornings in Anger and Thaw by Jehanne Dubrow
  • If it Ever Leaves, Where Does it Go? by Charlotte Pence
  • The Very Rich by William Logan

Critical Art Writing

  • Hybrid Theory: an Interview with Juliana Huxtable by Bill Arning
  • Latinx Art in the Future Imperfect by Roberto Tejada

Reviews & Interviews

  • 2 Reviews by Justin Jannise:
Welcome to Heartbreak: A Review of Hanif Abdurraqib's A Fortune for Your Disaster
Knife Skills Still Developing: A Review of Dean Young's Solar Perplexus